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Best Greenhouses You Can Buy Online


A greenhouse is a worthwhile addition to any home. It offers the opportunity to grow whatever you desire, from fresh produce to beautiful flowers. Not only that but it also protects your plants from wildlife and elements. With a greenhouse, you can enjoy the simple pleasures of gardening all year long.

In this guide, we've compiled a list of top-rated greenhouses available in the market. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and price ranges so you can choose according to your specific needs.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links with no extra cost to you. Learn more.

    1. Quictent Upgraded 20’x10’x6.6’ Large Walk-in Greenhouse

    The Quictent Upgraded Large Walk-in Greenhouse is an outdoor greenhouse that has plenty of room. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to grow a wide variety of plants. Not only does it have more space, but it is made of durable materials. The fabric of this greenhouse is waterproof and UV-resistant. So you can rest assured that your plants will stay safe inside this greenhouse.

    2. Quictent 71" WX 36" D X 36" H Portable Cloche Mini Greenhouse.

    This mini greenhouse is a great option for small spaces. It is very easy to set up and take down. In addition to its practical benefits, this portable greenhouse can be an eye-catching addition to your garden. You can use it on your raised bed to extend your growing season. It is also perfect for growing sprouts, microgreens and other small plants like herbs, cacti, or succulents.

    3. EAGLE PEAK Portable Walk-in Greenhouse Instant Pop-up

    The EAGLE PEAK pop-up greenhouse is the best for gardeners of all levels. It is a snap to set up, even someone of advanced age can set it up without any assistance. There's no assembly required as it has a pre-assembled frame. You just open it up and get it running in a few minutes. The compact size of this Portable Walk-in Greenhouse makes it ideal for anyone with limited space. 

    NB: The EAGLE PEAK Portable Walk-in Greenhouse comes in different sizes: 6x4 feet, 8x6 feet, 10x5 feet, etc. So, it's important to check dimensions and choose the size that best fits your needs. 

    4. Home-Complete HC-4202 Walk-In Greenhouse

    Home-Complete HC-4202 walk-in greenhouse is a popular choice for gardeners. It has 8 shelves that can accommodate many plants of different sizes. You can use it to grow vegetables, flowers, or to start seeds. The good part is that this greenhouse can be used indoors or outdoors which is a great benefit if you want to start your plants indoors and move them outdoors when the weather warms up.

    5. Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

    Gardman 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse is an affordable mini greenhouse available in the market. It is easy to assemble and you don't need any special tools or skills to do it. This greenhouse is small enough to fit on a small deck, patio or balcony, making it a good option for those with limited space. Moreover, it's an ideal solution for starting seeds and overwintering houseplants.

    6. JULY'S SONG 6'L x 10'W Outdoor Greenhouse

    The JULY'S SONG 6'L x 10'W Outdoor Greenhouse is also one of the best greenhouses available in the market. It is made with high quality materials, which make it durable, long-lasting, and able to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions. It features a sliding door and roof vents to help regulate humidity and temperature inside. It also has a built-in rain gutters outlet which is a very useful feature

    This greenhouse has plenty of room to grow a variety of plants. Moreover, its spacious interior can let you work comfortably without crouching or stopping. Additionally to its practical features, this greenhouse also has a sleek and modern appearance which can elevate the look of your backyard or garden.

    7. Palram - Canopia Hybrid 6' x 8' Greenhouse

    This outdoor greenhouse is a worthwhile investment if you want to take your gardening to the next level. It is large enough to accommodate many plants and it's built to last. In addition to its robust construction, it also comes with a range of smart accessories to help you grow your plants and vegetables throughout the year. These include portable fan heater, heavy duty shelf kit, automatic roof vent opener, and trellising kit.

    Tips: Where to Site an Outdoor Greenhouse

    To ensure that your greenhouse is stable, secure, and protected from elements you should choose the right location to place it. Here are two factors to consider:  

    Avoid shaded areas: Siting an outdoor greenhouse in a shaded area has some setbacks. One of the biggest challenges is that shade will limit sunlight to reach your plants. So try to place it away from potential sources of shade such as tall trees and buildings besides if you can add grow lights to help bounce light around your greenhouse. Or if you're growing plants that thrive with minimal sunlight.

    Pick a level spot: When choosing an area to place your greenhouse, make sure it is level. Uneven areas are prone to flooding and this may destroy both your greenhouse and plants. Another disadvantage of uneven areas is that it can make it difficult for you to water your plants, as the water may pool in some areas without reaching others.

    To Wrap Up

    Greenhouse is a highly rewarding investment and you won't regret buying it. If you have tried different strategies to protect your plants from harsh weather or extend the growing season but have never been happy with the results, it's time for you to pull the trigger on buying a greenhouse.

    All the above-mentioned greenhouses are the best options available in the market. They're all designed in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose one according to your growing needs. If money and space are both not an issue, you can get a larger one so that you can put in as many plants as possible.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask

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